Private Collection

Private Collection

BOLDTies offers a private collection service. In this package, you can order custom-design bow ties from fabrics you've selected.

One-Hour Fabric Shopping

This package includes one-hour of fabric shopping for custom-design bow ties. A BOLDTies representative will shop different fabrics with you and discuss styling and pairings.

Fabric & Style Choice

This package can include as many silk, cotton and or reversible bow ties as you like.

Insurance Policy

Insures one replacement per bow tie, a one-year limited warranty. This is a private collection exclusive.


A service agreement ensures quality and insures the life of your bow tie up to one year, no matter what happens to your BOLDTie bow tie(s).


Flat rate is $44 per bow tie. Always will be. Must order increments of 5, starting with 5.


Interested in the private collection package? Let's get started. Email me at