About Us

Brilliant by Day ... Dashing by NIGHT!

There are TWO sides to every man who wears bow ties!!

By day, there's the business-professional who is often The Best Dressed in the office. All suited up, he adds dashing style to an ordinary business meeting. His colleagues obsess over his bow tie, ornamental socks, and pocket square. Astute and upright, he heads a meeting just as he fashioned today's ensemble, organized but leaving a little wiggle room for creativity. 

Charismatic and charming, he wins over his peers by guiding them to success and punctuating simple solutions with million-dollar smiles.

After 5 PM, he brings out his BOLDness and becomes a gentleman. He's the type you'd see bar-side indulging dirty martinis. An Alpha man of sorts who never takes off his cool.

At BOLDTies, we design daring bow ties that capture this captivating beast who is BOTH brilliant by day and dashing by night!